Spring Ahead and Moving Forward

"May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears" 

Nelson Mandela

This weekend, we will be setting our clocks ahead one hour. With the loss of an hour comes the promise of spring. The apple orchards have a pink hue that softens the landscape. This has always been my favorite time of year, but this year feels even more hopeful and exciting. Anticipation of brighter days, warmer temperatures, and more freedom to be with family and friends has inspired joy and gratitude. Buds are forming on the trees, birds sing loudly in the morning, and bulbs are starting to appear through the melting snow.

In the midst of signs of growth and rebirth, many people are grieving the loss of loved ones. Some are having to do this alone. This is unimaginable. Hopefully, people who are grieving are able to find solace in the predictability of the seasons, as well as in the planning of future memorial services or funerals that have had to be delayed. It will be so important for families to be able to gather, deriving comfort from one another.

All of us have been living with a great deal of uncertainty which, for many, has culminated in anxiety and various levels of stress. Similar to other challenging events, one’s overall resilience will impact how people move forward. There will be people who emerge from the restrictive life with a renewed sense of purpose, and willingness to embrace life with a new found passion. Our brains have been wired towards hypervigilance through the past year. For some people, this was layered on a brain that was already hypervigilant from past adverse or traumatic events in their own personal history.

It is not easy to feel hopeful and optimistic, but the emerging spring is a reminder that some things remain certain in an unpredictable world. I was delighted to walk into our office at Healthy Perspectives to see a lovely redo of our waiting room. The fountain, lighting, and plants are warm and inviting. My husband and I are forever grateful for our friends at Healthy Perspectives. We were resilient this year and have excitement and ideas for the future. The staff is competing in a step challenge (literally moving forward). Laura and I are stepping out into the community to do a Rewire training at SNHU. We are embracing these changes and moving forward with hope, optimism, and excitement.