"Taking a second look at our first impulse, thought or reaction"

-Thich Nhat Hanh

The Miracle of Mindfulness

Here is how it works:

Much of what drives problematic behavior is our thoughts, emotions, and past experience. We are often unaware of the above and yet it holds a strong influence on our lives.

Mindfulness is an effective way to create change. Although we often instinctively pull away from painful or uncomfortable emotions, mindfulness directs us to notice the experience without judgement. If we are anxious, angry, sad, happy, or hopeful, mindfulness affords us the opportunity to first notice what is our internal experience and then work towards helpful action. This process, that gets easier with practice, helps reduce the likelihood of reacting in a way we may later regret. We are often on autopilot and lack full awareness of our options. The pause that is created by being mindful opens us up to consider various ways of proceeding forward.

Despite our best intentions, we often repeat the same unhelpful behaviors or responses which can be discouraging if not demoralizing. However, with practice, we can experience more control in our lives. Mindfulness is the cornerstone of making changes in our lives and experiencing personal growth.

Some of the ways in which mindfulness can help:

1. Handle emotions more effectively

2. Cope differently with challenging thoughts

3. Be a more effective parent

4. Increase self-awareness

5. Improve the quality of relationships

6. Maintain intentions and/or commitments

7. Change patterns of behavior (impatience, life style habits, addictions, volatility, impulsivity, etc.)