What is resilience?

Resilience is the ability to bounce back from challenges, stress, adversity and trauma.  The good news is that resilience is something that can be taught and nurtured in children.  When children are resilient they are more adaptable, better problem solvers, better at regulating their emotions, more optimistic in their thinking and see themselves as competent and compassionate individuals who can make a difference in their own lives as well as in the lives of others.

What we offer:

Service Name

Speaking engagements at schools, agencies and organizations

Service Name

Teaching the skills to adults (18 years and older) in a workshop format REWIRE

Service Name

Consultation to school and parent groups

Service Name

Training athletes in the GRIT program

Service Name

Leadership for Athletes: a program offered to eligible student athletes that want to become leaders in a team environment. 

What people are saying about us

The presenters were knowledgeable, experienced, and excited about resilience. They provided practical skills that could be incorporated into my family that day as well as discussion of topics that encouraged deeper reflection about various aspects or parenting. I left with some ideas for new strategies to try as well as an excitement for new opportunities to apply the information.

- Laura

                                                                                                         "There are many aspects and components of 

Growing Resilience. It's like training a muscle, you 

must be in practice or training all the time. It cannot be

a "one and done" approach. We use real life situations to

 bring awareness into each challenging moment that could

 potentially set us back. We teach our students they can

 navigate internally and bring that pause into play in

 our minds before our body and our mind

 goes to a place that's not productive."

~ Linda Haytayan