About Us

Growing Resilience is a consulting group with the vision of increasing skills and components of resilience. Increased resilience helps to prepare individuals with the necessary tools to navigate effectively through life's challenges and promote higher psychological functioning.

Our mission is to work with parents, teachers, coaches, and other child care providers to educate them regarding the components of resilience and help facilitate the integration into their day to day interactions with children. 

Carolyn Morgan, Ph.D.

Carolyn Morgan, Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist who has practiced in Nashua, N.H., for more than 25 years. Through her work with adolescents and families, she has developed an interest in how the current trends in parenting have impacted the resilience of our children. Her experience as a clinical psychologist and research on resilience led her to co-founding the consulting group, Growing Resilience. Teaching parents, educators, coaches how to promote resilience in children is one way to insure better emotional and psychological adjustment in our children. Carolyn is a Co-Founder of Growing Resilience, LLC.

Linda Haytayan

Linda Haytayan is an athletic mentor and resilience coach who specializes in teaching student athletes how to be mindful and exhibit grit, enhancing athletic performance. Linda developed the strategic resilience program, Grit for Athletes(GFA). Through experiential learning exercises the athlete will develop skills, promoting GRIT both on and off the field. Linda has a great deal of experience both as an accomplished athlete and coach/mentor of student athletes. She is a passionate teacher and is on the cutting edge of new approaches for the benefit of her students. Linda is also a certified Yoga Instructor and Co-Founder of Growing Resilience, LLC.